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A physiotherapist will be a graduate with a bachelor's degree or an advanced post graduate master's degree following extensive educational and clinical training. The physiotherapist has the responsibility of patient evaluation based on history, physical observations and necessary investigations to identify the problem and plan appropriate treatment program and implement it successfully, modify the treatment if necessary to achieve the treatment goal.

The duty of the Physiotherapist towards the patient includes,


To cure occasionally

To relieve often
To comfort always

Physiotherapy Education in India
(As per IAP standards based on W C P T Norms)

The physiotherapy course extends upto 4 years, apart from which there will be internship of 6 months duration, as of now. The basic and clinical sciences are integrated to develop knowledge, skill and attitude necessary for health education, competent prevention, diagnosis / treatment and recovery of patient with malfunction.

in the body, physical dysfunction, disorder and disability. The course includes comprehensive studies of medical, surgical, physical and biological mechanics, tissue pathology & healing, behavioral and clinical sciences. The academic program provides a strong focus on CLINICAL and RESEARCH requirements.


The eligibility for admission in bachelor course (physiotherapy) is premedical/intermediate/10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English as main subjects.


Admission is based on the performance in the entrance examination.
Note: the physiotherapy students shall undergo comprehensive study of clinical biological sciences.

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